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Supports local, national and international missionaries and ministry partners for $10 or more per month Self-sustaining agricultural development in Kenya: $300 for crop seeds, $2,500 for a drip irrigation system, $3,200 for a greenhouse
Provide for orphans and destitute children in Kenya and Guatemala with a monthly gift of $35 for education, $50 for food and $65 for clothing Build one small house for a widow and her family in Guatemala for $500
Purchase animals for families in need in Kenya and Guatemala: $25 for two chickens, $75 for a goat, $100 for two chickens and one goat, $125 for one sheep, $630 for five sheep, $650 for one dairy cow, $750 for one bull, $2362 for a twenty-eight animal farm Support Hope for Guatemala’s renovation work for the ministry center in the “City of Hope” for $12,000 or a monthly gift of $500 per month
Rescue a girl from human trafficking and exploitation in Kenya: training and support for $60 per month, $370 for a sewing machine, $430 for a new business start-up, $500 for other vocational training Provide essential daily needs for the compassion care ministries to the hurting, homeless and impoverished for $100 per month

Train and equip pastors/evangelists for growth and church planting in Kenya and Guatemala for $100 per month
Provide clean water for a family for $50 per month, dig a well of clean water for a community for $15,000

We support our missions efforts through your generous tithes and offerings.
Most of our financial resources comes from our annual Compelled Mission Offering.
Prayerfully consider what God would have you invest through the
2014 Compelled Missions offering with a one-time gift, or by spreading it out with a pledge.

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