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Biltmore Worship - Choir Rehearsal

An Audience of One!

Scripture tells us that we need to praise God, whether through voice, instrument, drama, or technical arts. Each Sunday we come together to worship Him. We utilize hymns and popular worship songs to facilitate worship. Our focus is that God would be the audience in our worship services…that our congregation and worship leaders alike would sing to Him.

The members of the worship ministry at Biltmore Baptist Church utilize their skills, talents, and abilities to lead our church body to worship corporately. In turn, we hope that the response to this worship would be that every member of Biltmore would live a lifestyle of worship, not just in the four walls of the church, but also in each and every stage of our lives…that they would set an example to other people, pointing them to Christ.

We encourage you to get involved with us if you have a heart of worship. Ultimately, every member of BBC is a part of the worship ministry. When you come to worship, you are a part of this ministry.

Sing hard, sing loud, and let’s make a statement every time we worship!



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