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Leaders...lead - Christ-Followers...serve.

What Is BBC Crosstrainers?

BBC Students leadership team, CrossTrainers, is designed for Junior High and High School students (Grades 5-12) who are ready to explore all that God has created them to be. CrossTrainers will grow deep in spiritual maturity, develop relationships with other like-minded students, learn practical leadership skills, and use their gifts in areas of ministry around Biltmore. You as a student leader can be plugged into the student ministry. They are:

1. Programming:  This area will focus on everything that goes on in our worship room. Lights, music, audio engineering, service programming, and many more elements of a BBC Students Live worship experience will be covered.

2. People:  This area will focus on people! If you love people, love to talk to them and just get to know them, this is the area for you!

3. Projects:  This area will focus on the many projects, mission trips, and special events that happen in our ministry. If you are detailed oriented and love to plan, this is the area for you!

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Why Student Leadership?

Passionate Transformation.  Simply put, Jesus expected His leaders to serve.  Jesus gave His disciples an image of leadership we use as our standard for student leadership.  We are transformed as we practice it, and in turn, our spheres of influence.

Intentional Relationships.
  “Jesus called them together [the disciples] and said, ‘You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them.  Not so with you.  Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave.’ ”  Jesus knew this type of leadership makes for good relationships, intentional relationship in The Kingdom.

Experiential Design.  Not only does Jesus shatter an existing leadership style, but He also lays out a prescription of a leader that is active in serving involving others in the experience.  This is how we define leadership at BBC.

This type of servant-leadership is not attractive to most people.  It goes in direct opposition to the attitude of running to the car to ride in the front seat and being the first in line to eat. This type of leadership is natural in the world.  Christ-like leadership is unnatural in our world.  It must be taught and practiced.

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Expectations of CrossTrainers

We expect CrossTrainers, whether in Route 56, Junior or Senior High, to be committed to several key components.  As students go through an interview and application process to be a part of the leadership team, we will ask them to make the following commitments:

Commitment to a Passionate Transformation in Christ.
“I acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ in my life and have an active relationship with Him.”

Committed to Intentional Relationships with Christ.
“I am committing to spiritual growth by:
*  Being involved in BBC Students Live on Sunday mornings.
*  Being active in a Connect Group of your peers
*  Actively participating in the BBC Body of Christ and Main Stage Services each week.
*  Having a personal devotion with God on a regular basis.”

Committed to Intentional Relationships To Others:
“I am committing to lead out in our student ministry on a consistent basis, and I will serve in any capacity I can.”

Committed to and Experiential Design for my Life.
“I am committed to choices, a lifestyle, and attitudes that are Godly; knowing my actions reflect my experience with Christ.”

Committed to Friendship Evangelism
“I am committed to regularly bringing my friends and sharing my faith in my sphere of influence.”

Committed to BBC and BBC Students:

I am committing to attend the CT Leadership Meetings twice a month.
I am committing to attending BBC Live 3 of 4 Sundays a month.
I am committing to being in a BBC Connect Group.
I am committing to attending Main Service at least 3 of 4 times a month.
I am committing to greet other students at student ministry events.
I am committing to become a campus minister where I attend school.

CrossTrainers = High Rewards + High Requirements
Although we’re asking for a considerable commitment from our student leaders, there are also benefits.  Student Leadership has high requirements, but it also has high rewards.  Part of the high reward students receive is more intense and personal time with the staff.  They learn as they do...not just as they listen.  We want to invest in the lives of our leaders.  It’s what we are called to do.


So, if you are interested in applying as CrossTrainer leader, here are the steps:

***Returning CrossTrainers do not need an application or interview, but you do need to sign up online or in the Student Ministry office. 

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You will be assigned to one of several BBC Students Ministry Lead Teams:

Responsible for anything that happens on the stage with program, creative elements, and music at BBC Live, Collide, etc.

Responsible for all the students coming, first time and veterans, and all the associated ministries.

Responsible for all our stand alone events, such as Disciple Now, Camps, Black-light dodge ball, etc.

Responsible for Praise Island as volunteers.

Responsible for AMP, Kids’ bands, etc. as volunteers.

NOTE: All students who are presently serving in any capacity do not have to interview.  They do have to agree with the commitments, and fill out an application and complete a spiritual gifts inventory.

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