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Encouraging men to become what God intends them to be
Men Right Half Circle
Being a man is hard, especially in a culture that emasculates and discourages men so often  and values surface level accomplishment and image over having character and honor. God intended for us to be strong, courageous men of God – warriors for Christ. God doesn't want us to be passive, He doesn't want us to hide or change the passions and strengths He's given us as men; He wants us to stand up for what's right, to lead our families and be examples to those around us. We want to encourage you and provide resources to become confident men of God.

New Here?
Getting involved with the Men's Ministry
Man to Man, our outlet for men, meets seasonally (there's a spring semester and a fall semester). This incredible men’s gathering meets on Wednesday mornings from 7-7:45 am. We have it early enough so you can come before work and get energized and encouraged for your day. It's designed to give you (whether you're married or single) the tools, training, and encouragement needed to become all that God intends you to be. Every week consists of a full breakfast spread, a guest speaker, and great fellowship for only $5.

Men's Bible Studies

Man to Man - Men's Breakfast Speaker Series
Join over 200 other men each week for this incredible men’s gathering that consists of a great breakfast spread, excellent coffee, and inspiring message geared towards men. Various speakers. Cost: $5 each week or $45 for entire series "Man Card". First Time Guests - Free! Spring semester has ended - new semester will begin this Fall.

Men Left Half Circle

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